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I’m very proud to say my clients BECOME my friends! They also usually describe me as fun. relatable. romantic. meticulous. creative. professional.

HI!! I’m TG Owner of UBara

WHO is TG?

While watching a documentary about Japanese Geisha, my sister fell in love with the name GEISHA and she decided that my middle name would be GAYSHA: meaning ‘art person’ in Japanese. I love weddings. It’s my art. I enjoy capturing the emotion of a bride when she sees her groom for the first time. I am always so excited to capture details that tell the story: the wedding gown, the groom’s suit, the shoes, the rings, floral(s), the invitations etc. I love the energy of the family as they witness two individuals becoming one! I am a total art person because LOVE is art and documenting those emotions is always rewarding! Next to your maid of honor, I’m probably going to be the most excited and maddeningly happy/giddy person at your wedding. I relish the excitement of a bride while she watches her beautiful day unfold in splendor. I believe that photography is one of the most important things to consider when planning your wedding and I love that responsibility. My style is natural and unobtrusive, capturing beautiful moments and all the details, which tell the story of the day. I am a calming presence on the day and sometimes act as a bit of a bodyguard, protecting my couples against stress on the day. I look forward to becoming friends and your resident family photographer.


Behind The Camera

I’m very proud to say my clients BECOME my friends! They also usually describe me as fun. relatable. romantic. meticulous. creative. professional. empathetic. no-nonsense. fire-cracker. sweet. hard working. perfectionist. wonderful taste. eye for beauty. YOU are my model, my muse, my magazine cover person. I want you to look and feel beautiful. That is why I build an amazing team of industry pros to glam you to perfection for your event. We’ll cast/enlist a uber talented hair professional, a high-fashion makeup artist ( who can do soft glam/or contour glam), knowledgeable wardrobe professional; the whole team will be 100% committed to making sure you have fun, look glamorous and we’ll shoot unforgettable magazine quality images. I am not just a sign a contract, disappear, and then show up at your event photographer, no, no. I belong to you! I collaborate with you throughout the entire journey to your final glamorous destination.
I can’t wait to get you dressed up, feeling good and shooting some awesome images!!


What Does The Word UBara Mean?

UBara is a Japanese word that translates to ROSE. My family name is ROSEY. My grandmother, Hilda, named me Rosey. I was born and raised on the beautiful and popular island, Jamaica. It is extremely common for a Jamaican like myself to have multiple nick names/family names. I was born in a fishing/agrarian village named Fairy Hill in the lush Parish/State of Portland.
My middle name is Gaysha. Geisha is also Japanese. Geisha in Japanese translates to ‘art person’. I love art. I’m an artist. I am artistic. I am UBara. I studied Japanese at Widener University for three years, graduating w/ a minor. So, UBARA is a blend of all things I love: Art, Japanese Culture, Nature, and Weddings; all balanced ‘in memorium’ of my grandmother, Hilda Phillips.
So, when you’re thinking of or saying the word UBARA, you’re associating yourself with my original identity, my spirit and my ambition. You’re actually connecting with me as a family member or close friend. You’re calling me “art person” – a woman in love with art, weddings, romance, human connection, nature, and most of all memories. It’s also intentional that I build close and solid relationships with my couples/clients – most of them become life long friends throughout/post this wedding journey!
‘UBara’ is pronounced “ooh” NOT “yew” “you” or “yu” but “OU”, click here, you can sing along! UBara is your friend, Rosey documenting your story, while fostering human connection and living out her divine purpose.

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Collaborating to create art, beauty and
family legacies

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Collaborating to create art, beauty and
family legacies

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